Closing ceremony of the summer season Fri 25.8. from 9 p.m.

FRI 25.8. from 21:00 Summer season finale: Hatara at 21:00, OH? at 22:30, Otto Mikkola & Pitkä ikävä at 24.
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25.08.2023 21:00 - 01.01.1970 02:00
Papinniemi Camping, Papinniementie 178, 50730 Uukuniemi

FRI 25.8. from 21:00 Summer Season Finale: Hatara at 21:00, OH? at 22:30, Otto Mikkola & Pitkä ikävä at 24.

https://instagram .com/oskarihalsti/

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OH's music is a combination of epic indie-pop songs and post-punk influences, whose opposing musical forces are constantly striving for balance. Oskar has an encyclopedic musical history; from metal bands through funk groups to the release lists of major record companies. Oskari is known for e.g. from Scandinavian Musicgroup and he has collaborated with e.g. With Ellinoora, Kalevauva and Timo Kämäräinen.

OH? is a new chapter in the diary of an artist whose music is rooted in the pristine forests of Nuuksio National Park. "These songs are a journey from the black and white of depression towards the acceptance of our imperfect world. Maybe through that acceptance you can start to see some colors again, at least in the little joys of life." In Oskar's music, you can hear echoes of the pop melodies of U2 and Oasis, as well as the hauntingly beautiful synthesizers of Duran Duran or The Cure.

OH? is ready to put on a great show.

Otto Mikkola is a singer and songwriter from Rovaniemi, who is known e.g. from his bands Autiomaa, Puhelenseksi and Romance. Mikkola, known as an active music maker, has embarked on a solo career and is publishing music for the first time under his own name. Jyväskylä's Harava Records released Mikkola's debut album in the spring and winter of 2023.

Growing up in Rovaniemi, Mikkola's songs are colored by the extremes of northern melancholy - darkness and the midnight sun. Emotional texts are mixed with dark-sounding tunes that draw from Americana, folk and folk.

Hatara describes the sound world he created backwards as rhythmic music going through sub-revolutions. The trio conjures creeping and lingering sound passages in their mainly instrumental compositions. The songs alternately explore carefree memories and sometimes melancholy mental landscapes. There will be an undeniably captivating, slow-paced and bitterly beautiful concert in Papinniemi.


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