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Here you can find out about services and activities in the surrounding area.

Parikkala statue park

The statue park is located in Parikkala's Koitsanlahti right next to Valtatie 6

Finland's most famous ITE art collection is the result of Veijo Rönkkönen's (1944–2010) artistic work lasting over 50 years. The statues, the abundance of species and the lush garden form a whole, which is one of the most important artistic achievements of one person worldwide. 560 concrete statues with many expressions and themes attract tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world to the Statue Park every year.

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The deserted village of Papinniemi

Papinniemi is full of history

Orthodox fled from Uukuniemi to the other side of the border in the 17th century. The history trail tells their story.

The road winds between green birch forests, cows graze in an idyllic field landscape and water lurks behind the trees. A cuckoo is falling somewhere nearby. In the completely Karelian landscape, you start humming the song "Karelian municipalities" without noticing it. We are in Uukuniemi, right next to the Russian border.

Uukuniemi area is already mentioned in 1500 as a village belonging to the keep of Sortavala. In 1589, Uukuniemi became the chapel congregation of the Kurkijoki Orthodox congregation. Uukuniemi, which lost most of its territory in the Second World War, is now part of Parikkala municipality.

Uukuniemi's Papinniemi, a strip of land reaching into the clear-water Pyhäjärvi, is particularly interesting from an Orthodox perspective. There is an Orthodox village that was already deserted in the 17th century.

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Uukuniemi village store

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00
Sat 10:00-16:00
Evakkotaival cafe serves the same opening hours as the village store.

Niukkalantie 1465, 59720 Uukuniemi
Tel:+358 44 244 7940

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Ice Age Trail

Jääkausipolku, as its name suggests, is a trail that presents the traces of ice ages. The alternatives are the 9.5-kilometer and 13.6-kilometer trails.

On the Jääkausipolu you can choose from several routes of different lengths, as there are 9.5 km and 13.6 km long routes available. The terrain is variable fabric terrain and in some places the route runs on gravel road sections. Traces of the ice age are very visible. The routes are marked on the terrain with orange paint. The longer circuit (around Paaka and Kirkkolammi) has a gentler profile and the route partly runs along easy forest roads. The rest of the route runs on an asphalt road. The shorter route around Paakalammi alone has a steeper profile. The resting place is Paakalammi's laavu. Information boards about the Ice Age. As a sight, a huge soup called Huttumalja.

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Visit Parikkala

Travel guide to Parikkala

Parikkala - Find your life in the lake landscape

The lakes are the Finnish soul. At the heart of that soul is Parikkala, an idyllic, green and pulsating Karelian farm that offers things to live and experience near the eastern border all year round. Distinctive nature lives, changes, sometimes breathes and always wakes up again. Whether you like a sizzling stump or a sandy beach that hugs the soles of your feet, lush green groves or glowing blue waters, Parikkala will always find a place for your experience.

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Iloinen Päss Country Store

Local food along Kuutosti

The atmospheric Iloinen Pässin Maalaispuoti operates in Parikkala, Koitsanlahti's old village store along Kuutosti. You can visit us for food, coffee or shopping.

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Juhola Biisoniareena

A meeting place for all people in the beautiful rural milieu of Uuku-Niemä. Restaurant, party and accommodation services and summer events.

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