Booking and cancellation conditions

Booking and cancellation conditions for Papinniemi Camping cabins


1. Booking and confirmation

When making a reservation, the customer must state his name, residential address, arrival and departure time and payment method. The reservation is binding from the moment of booking.

2. Arrival and departure time
The cabin is available at 15:00 on the day of arrival and must be handed over by 12:00 on the day of departure. The cabin is kept reserved for the customer until 18:00. If the customer arrives at the accommodation later than this, he/she must report this or the reservation will be cancelled.

3. Cancellation and no-show
The customer can cancel a one-day cabin reservation free of charge no later than 3 days before the reservation. A €20 office fee will be charged for cancellation. If the customer does not arrive, the hotel has the right to charge the price of one day.

The customer can cancel a reservation for several nights free of charge at least 15 days before the start date of the reservation. For cancellations made after this, we charge 50% of the reservation value, to the extent that the room has not been resold.
If the customer cancels a reservation for several nights less than 2 days before the start date of the reservation and the cabin cannot be resold, the full value of the reservation will be charged.

4. Departure before the agreed time
If the customer leaves before the agreed time, he must notify the customer no later than 18:00 the day before. Otherwise, Papinniemi Camping has the right to charge the price of one day as compensation.

If it is a question of accommodation for several nights, the customer must pay the agreed price for the unused time.

5. Appearance of the customer in the accommodation facilities
The customer is obliged to follow good manners and rules of order. If the customer violates these rules, he can be immediately removed from the hotel. However, the customer must pay the accommodation price and cannot demand a refund of the payment already made.

6. Smoking and pets
Smoking is prohibited inside the cabins. Unauthorized smoking inside will be charged
€50 ventilation fee. You must always inform Papinniemi Camping about bringing a pet to the resort. Papinniemi Camping is not responsible for allergy etc. problems for customers caused by unauthorized smoking or animal dust.

7. Payment refunds

In cases of returns, the refund is made to the payment method used in the order.

Papinniemi Camping follows the general reservation and cancellation conditions for accommodation establishments, as instructed by Mara of the Association of Hotels and Restaurant Services.